Taggart's Playground


Open to the Public
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10 am - 12 pm

Now offered even when Portland Public Schools are closed during the school year! Taggart’s Playground is designed to replicate the City of Two Rivers: Portland, Michigan! This indoor learning and activity center brings the outdoors in where parents and kids can enjoy time together. This 40 x 60 space is ideal to spend a weekday morning year round. Listed below are the amenities you will enjoy when you visit this one-of-a-kind place for kids:

  • About You Salon
  • Bader & Sons
  • Builder’s Lumber
  • Chocolate Moose
  • Looking Glass Boutique
  • Portland Fire and Police Department
  • Tagg’s Tree Fort
  • Variety of free standing activity areas
  • Restroom
  • Changing table
  • Patio tables and chairs
  • City park benches

Taggart’s Playground is available to the community to schedule for children’s special occasions (ie. Birthday parties, etc.). Availability subject to Facilities Use Guidelines. Contact the church office for details on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 9:00 am-4:00 pm by calling (517) 647-6578 or emailing portlandnazarene@sbcglobal.net.


  • Staff member will be present at all times. A Registration Form must be completed for each child prior to accessing the playground.
  • An Acknowledgment of Responsibility and Waiver of Liability must be kept on file prior to accessing the playground.
  • Children must be signed in and supervised by an authorized adult at all times.
  • Name-tags are required at check-in during each visit.
    Children must remove shoes and be wearing socks before entering the playground.
  • Food or beverages are not allowed in the playground. If your child needs to eat or drink, they may do so in the gym foyer.
  • The Code of Conduct must be agreed and adhered to at all times or children / accompanying adults in violation will be asked to leave the premises.


Children deserve a safe place to thrive where their physical, emotional, social and spiritual health is a top priority.

  • Portland Church of the Nazarene reserves the right to maintain a Biblically based culture where kids are first.
  • Behavior that violates Christian ethics is not the context we feel is in the best interest of the children of Portland.
  • Uncontrolled, immodest, provocative, profane, abusive or destructive behavior while on site is considered unsafe for children and therefore unacceptable on the premises.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the facilities of Portland Church of the Nazarene.
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are prohibited on the premises or exterior grounds of Portland Church of the Nazarene.
  • Those leasing space for special occasions such as birthday parties, etc. are not exempt from this Code of Conduct.
  • Thank you for helping us put the healthy development of kids first by supporting a values based culture for the children of Portland.


When Danby Township resident Abe Sines took his 3-year old son, Taggart, to their church’s outdoor playground to play in Portland on March 29, 2005, he didn’t realize it would be the last time they would play together.

“It sounds funny, but the whole time he was laughing and smiling like a toddler does, and just playing—almost like he knew it was his last chance to play like that” Abe said.

The next day, March 30, 2005, Abe and Connie Sines lost their youngest son, Taggart Logan Sines, in a tragic fire that consumed their camper—a favorite play ’fort’ of his.

The indescribable pain of not being able to save their son after extraordinary and valiant attempts and the nightmare that followed as Portland fire firefighters tried to rescue their son ended with the realization that Taggart would be playing forever with Jesus and all of the other kids who had already made the journey to a wonderful place called Heaven.

Taggart loved ice cream and it was served sundae style at his visitation on April 1,2005 at Portland Church of the Nazarene while hundreds shared their grief with the family. Clips of some of Taggart’s favorite cartoons were played in the Saturday morning celebration of his life. “I’ve never been more Homesick than now” were words Tagg’s dad sang. Balloons were sent toward heaven.

The outpouring of overwhelming support from family, friends, co-workers and even those they didn’t know prompted Abe and Connie to channel their grief into a positive direction for other kids. After consulting with their pastor, Tagg’s parents made a decision to support the dream of an indoor playground in the expanding facility at Portland Church of the Nazarene “to give back to the community that had so graciously given to them—a place where everyone should have a chance to take their kids and play. You never know what could happen.”

Family, friends and church members began holding community benefits to raise money for the indoor play ground to be named in Tagg’s honor. Numerous individuals and organizations donated funds, materials and supplies to help complete the 40 x 60 space easily accessible from the River Walk.

Abe, Connie, Tagg’s older brothers, Kelby Sines, Deven Walkington, and sister Abbygail Sines welcome the children of the Portland community to a safe place— a wonderful place for kids to play in memory of Tagg. The family wishes to thank everyone who gave on Tagg’s behalf to make his indoor playground a reality.

The original oil painting hanging in the playground was given in Tagg’s honor compliments of author and illustrator, Gary and Jan Bower who wrote the children’s book “There’s A Party in Heaven”.

“The things that you’ll see and the things that you’ll feel are not only nice—they’re completely ideal! Think it’s pretend?No way! It’s all real — in Heaven!”

We miss you, Tagg. See you soon!